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Children's Speech and Language Services, LLC

Proudly serving Lexington and the surrounding communities for over twenty years.

Children's Speech and Language Services (CSLS) is an exclusively pediatric practice specializing in the evaluation and treatment of communication disorders from infancy through adolescence. We are highly regarded by our clients and colleagues for our knowledge of current theory and practice, and our nurturing and supportive approach to children and their families. Our outstanding clinicians are skilled and experienced working with children who have difficulty in the areas of:

Our Services

Children's Speech and Language Services provides a full range of speech and language services including:

  • Articulation Assessments
  • Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluations
  • Individual and Small Group Treatment
  • Social Communication Groups
  • Home or School Visits (when appropriate)
  • Consultation to hospitals, schools, early intervention programs, preschools and parent groups

Therapy is typically delivered in an intimate, one-on-one setting by our professional clinicians. Group therapy sessions are also offered at different times of the year to enhance social communication.

Groups & Dyads

CSLS offers ongoing groups to address language and social skills. Children are carefully matched with a peer or group of peers, according to diagnosis, level of language and/or social difficulties, and age, in order to ensure optimal progress. Throughout the school year, we offer dyads and small groupings, with one or two clinicians. More intensive and larger groupings are offered during the summer months. Please contact CSLS for more information.

Who We Are

CSLS is an exclusively pediatric practice dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of communication and feeding, from infancy through adolescence. Our staff includes specialists in all major disorders. We believe that by supporting our clinicians, we achieve the best results for children. We also believe that when we respect a family's philosophy, culture and routine, we achieve optimal results with their children.

At CSLS we are very proud of our clinicians.

  • Randi

    Randi Loeb
    MS, CCC

    Co-founder and Director

  • Rita

    Rita Williams
    MS, CCC

    Co-founder and Director

  • Lorella

    Lorella Franchina

    Office Administrator

  • Brooke

    Brooke Collier
    MS, CCC

    Clinic Supervisor

  • Claire

    Claire Bigley
    MS, CCC

    Clinic Supervisor

  • Margeaux

    Margeaux Ivins
    MS, CCC

  • Beth

    Beth Arinsburg
    MS, CCC

  • Emily

    Emily Russo
    MS, CCC

  • Ricki

    Ricki Klein
    MS, CCC

  • Ellen

    Ellen Gellineau
    MS, CCC

  • Carrie

    Carrie Kerstein
    MS, CCC

  • Zoe

    Zoë Pichler
    MS, CCC

How Language Develops

One-Year Olds

  • Understand and participate in routines such as pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo
  • Make a variety of sounds
  • Say "mama," "dada" and several other words

Two-Year Olds

  • Can say at least 50 words
  • Put two words together
  • Use words to communicate their needs
  • Understand names of familiar people and objects, simple verbs and adjectives

Three-Year Olds

  • Can relate a simple story or event
  • Use three to four word sentences with simple grammar
  • Can be understood by most adults


  • Usually produce grammatically correct sentences
  • Begin to use complex sentences
  • Start to talk about past and future events
  • Are able to follow classroom instructions

School-Age Children

  • Begin to use humor and non-literal language
  • Tell stories that contain a logical sequence of events
  • Play with/reflect on language (for example: rhyming, antonyms, synonyms, multiple meanings)

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CSLS is conveniently located near Lexington Center, on Routes 4/225, one mile east of Route 128 (exit 31A).


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